HLXCEhost.com is developed by 86 Internetdiensten. The idea for this project came after customers asked to install HLstatsX: CE on a shared webhosting accounts. Since installing, running and keeping HLstatsX: CE up-to-date is quite an intensive task, we came up this service.

It's all about usability

Our goal is to offer customers a complete HLstatsX: CE installation up and running within minutes, even without the necessary knowledge about underlaying techniques like PHP, MySQL and Perl. It's simply a case of registering, confirming your email address and configuring HLstatsX: CE.

HLstatsX: CE

HLstatsX: CE (Community Edition), more commonly known as HLXCE, is a free Real-time stats and ranking for HL1 and HL2 engine based games. More information about HLXCE can be found at their website.